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Browse our selection of high quality generic AIDS medication and add it to your cart.

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Pay for your order using VISA or MasterCard using our secure checkout area.

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Send us your prescription, and the release form. We provide a tracking number when your order has shipped.

Tracking An Order

When you place an order for HIV/AIDS drugs through us, we will provide you with a tracking number and the website which you can track your order through. This way there is never any doubts about the status of your order.

There are certain countries where track an trace is not available through the local postal service. We will inform you if the service is not available when we confirm shipment of your order. Please note that we do not ship to Canada

Click on the links below to track an order:

If your order tracking number ends in DE, use:
Deutsche Post Tracking

If your order tracking number ends in SG, use:
Singapore Post Tracking

If your order tracking number ends in HK, use:
Hong Kong Post Tracking




Ipost - EMS Tracking


United States Postal Service

Once the order arrives in your country, you can use your tracking number to trace it on your country's postal service website. You do not require another tracking number. Please simply use the same tracking number you were originally issued.

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