Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use an online pharmacy site to order medication?

The most important thing to consider is how much you are spending on your medication. Antibiotics and some generics can be less expensive in your local pharmacy. Medications that have to be used every month such as birth control, diabetes medication, blood pressure medications, antivirals, tend to be better things to save money on when ordering from a online pharmacy. A good online site can save you up to 95% on the cost of your medications (depending on your current coverage). Plus, if you are ordering a 90 day supply at one time, ordering online becomes quite convenient as you only have to do so four times a year!

How can I be sure that I am getting quality medication?

Any site that offers you medication without a prescription, or based on a remote consultation will likely be gone tomorrow. With AIDS Drugs Online, you are sure to receive generics which are produced by India's top rated manufacturers.

Is ordering medication online legal?

Ordering controlled substances is illegal, and will not be filled by ADO.com. A controlled substance is any product which has the potential to be abused, and only certain US based online pharmacy sites can dispense those products. Ordering medication which is not a controlled substance, and being ordered for personal use is permitted. Please read the FDA memo for more information on personal importation of medication for more information.

Are generic medications safe?

Generic medication is simply a medication that has been manufactured by a different company, rather than the company who originally held the patent on the product. The thing to remember is that they have the same chemical structure as the originals, and are created to work the same as the originals. Just remember that there are a lot of non-reputable sites trying to sell to you. Take the time to get to know the signs of a legitimate site that sells legitimate medicines.

Are Indian generic medications safe?

India has one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing industries in the world! In fact, many of these companies are doing contract manufacturing for the North American market, and therefore their facilities must be FDA approved. We contract our medications only from the top-rated manufacturers who follow GMP guidelines, and produce their medicine in world-class manufacturing facilities.

How often do I need to send in the release form & prescription?

We will only require a new prescription once your current one is used up, or it reaches one year old. Whichever happens first. We only require the release form one time.

How often should I order?

That's entirely up to you! We advise that you order a 3-month supply at a time. This way you only need to order four times/year, and once the fourth order is placed you'll need to send in a new prescription as it will be all used up. This is the most commonly used method.

What should I avoid when choosing a site to order from?

There are a few very basic things to watch for:

1) No prescription required. Definitely worth being wary of, because even if the site is legitimate, if the FDA chooses to hold your order, and you do not have a prescription, then they will not release it to you.

2) Any site which offers to sell you controlled substance (ie: oxycontin), or has their homepage covered with pictures and pricing of ED medications.

3) Any site which charges a membership fee. Usually the fee is for accessing information on other websites, but there is no need to pay this fee when others offer the same information for free.

4) Any site with a strange or unusual url. If it looks funny, its because some scammers buy domains in large blocks and will likely disappear at the first sign of trouble, and open up under a new domain name.

5) Any site which doesn't easily offer contact information like phone number, and mailing address. If they choose not to be display this information, then they likely are not going to be very reliable.

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